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Wormy Mush™ is an arcade game , the goal is to help Wormy to get as much spores as possible while avoiding all mushrooms in your path.

Spores gained will be used as internal currency to buy new characters, new worlds, or as boosters to spice up the game!

Wormy Mush™ content is free of charge, however some purchases could be done during the game to accelerate the release of content!

Wormy Mush™ characteristics:

– On the whole an easy game, but one which is difficult to master.

– 3 levels of complexity for each world. (the higher the level, the more spores you can gain!)

– An adjustment of the mobile background is available to improve the players experience.

– A shop is available for swapping spores for new characters, tuning the colors of your characters, new worlds and boosters!

Fonctionnality requesting an internet connection:

– Your game can be synchronised with your SeandyMush account to enable an easy recovery of your data with another device.

– A worldwide ranking for the 100 top players is available for each world and each complexity level.

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